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To all Central Jersey Dental Staff:
I would like to commend all of you for conducting your work with a strong focus on my needs, expectations and concerns. It was very helpful that some of you shared your personal experiences with the dental appliance, and in doing so, helped me to get to a high level of confidence that the technology would work for me. Harriet, please accept a very special “thanks” from me. You have worked tirelessly to represent my interests with my insurance carrier, and although you say it is part of your job, I know your efforts are both personal and supportive. Again, thank you. Dr. Blumenstock, as you know I came to you shortly after my first sleep study when I knew that I could not tolerate the CPAP technology. I am happy to say that my experience with the EMA dental appliance for sleep apnea has been positive and using it has measurably improved my quality of life. Within the first week, my morning headaches were fewer and and today, nine months later, they are a vague memory. I am sleeping soundly, not waking up four or five times a night as in the past. I know this therapy is helping me manage my multiple chronic conditions better and with reduced stress. Thank you for your continued support.
– Sue Lopez
North Brunswick, NJ


Dear Dr. Blumenstock:
I’m not a person who always believed that there was no such thing as a quick or easy fix. I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. By the end of the work day, I was exhausted. A good part of my weekend was spent sleeping. I tried, but could not complete, the CPAP evaluation. I just could not wear the mask for more than a few minutes. After that, I decided that I would just have to learn to “live” with the sleep apnea. Then I saw an ad from Dr. Blumenstock and thought “what have I got to lose.” I listened as Dr. Blumenstock explained how the oral appliances would allow me to breath better and have a good night’s sleep – something that I hadn’t had in years. The morning after I wore the appliance I woke up feeling good – no headache, no sore throat and I felt rested. I told myself not to get my hopes up and that this was just one night. Well it’s been three weeks now, I’ve got more energy, don’t have the foggy feeling, and I’m spending less time “sleeping”.
– Kathleen F.
Edison, NJ


Dear Dr. Blumenstock:
As someone who has struggled with coronary artery disease, sleep apnea and chronic snoring for over several years, I write to express my deepest gratitude for equipping me with an oral repositioning appliance. It is truly a godsend and the clinical results have already far exceeded my hopes and expectations. As you are aware, following triple bypass surgery in May, 2006 and a subsequent stent for a collapsed graft, my longstanding sleep apnea became an even more serious concern and threat to my health. For the second time, I tried in earnest to adapt to a CPAP machine. Struggling for weeks and never being able to keep the mask on, or adapt to that mode of treatment, I had given up on any effective means of treating the sleep apnea. It was then that I discovered you and your services at Central Jersey Dental. As you introduced me to the potential benefits of wearing a dental device as a means of treating sleep apnea, I must confess that I was initially somewhat skeptical. But, after only a few weeks of using the device and experiencing its benefits, I am a true “convert!” My wife became immediately (and gratefully!) aware that all snoring had ceased. Consequently, we can now both sleep in the same bed with total comfort. Within days, I was also aware of better energy and less daytime sleepiness (particularly in the afternoons); what a blessing that has become. But, perhaps most important of all, I have watched my blood pressure reduce approx. 10-12 points – both diastolic and systolic. Needless to say, my cardiologist and primary care physician are delighted with this development and assure me that it bodes extremely well in curbing further cardiac disease and enhancing my longevity. While I cannot say enough for these clinical enhancements in my life, I also want to take this opportunity to share my deep appreciation for the many ways you and your staff have treated me as a “whole person” throughout this process, continually providing helpful education, personal care and emotional support in introducing me to this invaluable new intervention and treatment. If I can ever be of any help in “coaching” or supporting other patients as they are introduced to the oral repositioning device, please do not hesitate to call upon me. Again, many thanks for introducing me to this invaluable,effective means of treating sleep apnea and for your ongoing care.
– Rev. Donald Stiger
Somerset, NJ


Dear Dr. Blumenstock:
I am writing this to let you know what a difference meeting you made in my life. I am 48 years old. Sometime during the year of my 41st birthday I began to develop a problem with snoring that progressed slowly but by the time I was 47 the effect of the snoring on my lovely wife and children was becoming a severe aggravation. My wife Maria tried to adapt to my snoring by using ear plugs. This worked temporarily but ear plugs would get misplaced. The novelty effect of the ear plugs eventually wore off and they became a nuisance to her. Each morning my two sons would report to me about the volume of my snoring. It was very unpleasant for them. I resolved to relocate to the downstairs couch to sleep at night. While there I felt isolated from my wife and children. I was in excellent physical condition, was not overweight, had recently completed the NY Marathon, and yet 2 sleep studies confirmed a sleep apnea and snoring problem. Because of the shape of my face and nose I was not a good candidate for a C-PAP device. Even if I was, I did not look forward lugging around a boxy electrical appliance for the rest of my life. I was getting used to feeling tired, I stopped running, and was letting myself get out of shape. After my last sleep study in December 2008 I was referred to you but hesitated to take action because I was still convinced I could work out this problem on my own. By February 2009 I was in poor physical condition. I had no more motivation to run because I burned myself out running and learned that all the running in the world could not help me eliminate the snoring. I resented sleeping on the couch away from my family. It began to “get to me,” and I was unpleasant to be with. I was becoming tempted to blame my family for my situation. Here I was blessed with a wonderful family yet I was feeling tired, resentful, and miserable all of the time. In late March 2009 I finally decided I needed to see someone for help regarding the snoring. I made an appointment to see you in April. At the appointment I was impressed by the courtesy and professionalism of your staff. Even more important was when you and I discussed my problem. After I explained my situation you responded and I listened critically to what you had to say. By the time we were finished talking I was convinced that maybe someone like you, with your accumulated years of knowledge and experience in treating sleep apnea and the resulting issues, could help me. By the next appointment you were fitting me with the EMA Appliance and by May I was no longer snoring. Not only did you provide me with an appliance that works and that I can carry around in a pocket but you also explained physiology of my particular problem and explained which sleeping positions would help me get the most out of the appliance. I resolved to do exactly what you told me to do. Armed with these tools I moved back upstairs with my family. I am not snoring any more. I feel refreshed when I awake each morning and once again I enjoy the sport of running. The quality of my life with my family is wonderful again and I have you to thank for it. Very truly yours, Daniel
– Daniel T.
New Brunswick, NJ